Humans are inherently emotional creatures, which means all customers are inherently emotional. Unless your customers are rocks. In which case, you don’t need to worry about meeting their emotional needs. But for the rest of us who are serving emotionally fueled human beings, let’s talk about customer empathy.

Around the ages of 5-7, there is an exponential change in our brains. We go from not being able to identify with others’ feelings to having a fairly firm grasp on what those closest to us are experiencing. We, for the first time, are able to empathize with others, and from this point on, we expect to be met with empathy

It’s not any different when it comes to our product or brand relationships.

Will Your Product Hug Me?

What people buy is directly related to how they feel. Providing customers with sincere empathy is the fuel that drives them to conversion. “Empathy is about creating a shared journey between your brand and its audience,” according to Content Marketing Institute.

So it’s your job, as a marketer, business owner, or sales person, to take your product, whatever it is you’re dealing in, and make it hug all over the customers you’re trying to reach. (Not literally. You could get in trouble for that. But you know what I mean.)

Identify with them, and let them know it.  Show them they are important. They will return the favor by letting everyone know how amazing your brand, product, or service are.

That’s the truest measure of success.

But How?

  1. Hit them in their feelers. Google is the master of this tactic. From their “Dear Sophie” ad that depicted a father saving memories for his daughter launched in 2014, to their 2020 “Loretta” Super Bowl ad, showing an elderly man using Google Assistant to remember his late wife, Google knows how to make their viewers emotionally invested in two minutes or less.
  2. Make them a part of something bigger. COVID-19 offered the ultimate opportunity to foster a sense of togetherness among consumers. The whole world was sheltering at home, and companies from Microsoft to Postmates created commercials to remind us that we were all in it together. 
  1. Give them some undivided attention. Solid one-on-one attention is hard to come by these days. We’re spread thinner now than ever, and we’re inundated with brands trying ruthlessly to gain every bit of our attention. But most of those brands are just screaming at us instead of investing in a dialog with us. Engage your customers by giving them exclusive attention, and they will love you for it.

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