A Little Customer Empathy Goes a Long Way

Humans are inherently emotional creatures, which means all customers are inherently emotional. Unless your customers are rocks. In which case, you don’t need to worry about meeting their emotional needs. But for the rest of us who are serving emotionally fueled human beings, let’s talk about customer empathy. Around the

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Journey to the Center of the Uncanny Valley

In the world of avatars, interactive virtual assistants, and robots, it’s vital to steer clear of the “uncanny valley.” Originally coined “Bukimi no Tani Genshō” by Japanese roboticist Masarhiro Moti, the uncanny valley is “the phenomenon whereby a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot bearing a near-identical resemblance to a human being

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7 Reasons a Digital Character Brings Value to Your Website

What makes one website more memorable and likeable than another? The websites that make a favorable impression seem to strike a certain balance between visual aesthetics and user functionality, while also making the viewer’s experience engaging. While there are a number of tactics to consider in enhancing your visitors’ experience,

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