E-Learning Avatars

An ongoing challenge in developing training and instructional materials is ensuring that it is engaging without being distracting. Our Nfinity Avatars E-Learning Avatars can help your learners stay engaged with your content, answer questions in context with the lessons, and offer a way to navigate and re-access the content that is often not possible with many standard LMS tools.

Western Union

View a Demo of what our technology was able to do to help learners navigate Western Union’s TalentPORT training.

How does the e-learning nfinity avatar work?

Our Avatars are added to your web-based training pages, helping to direct the navigation among pages and sections and answering questions in place, so context can be maintained. It’s like having a teacher guiding through a classroom lesson who can still answer student questions as they arise. We work with you and your instructional design team to maximize the usefulness of your avatar and to develop the necessary content to allow her to answer your learners’ questions.