The Avatar Advantage

Even prior to the global changes in Web usage habits brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, service Avatars using the latest artificial intelligence methodologies and natural language processing were quickly gaining popularity.

Now the future has arrived suddenly, and so has the time to evolve the way customers and companies interact on the Web. Avatars provide the personal touch previously only experienced with a live service representative and satisfy the greater-than-ever need to connect meaningfully with your customers.

Bridging the Gap Between Bots and Live Service​

Automated chatbots are rule-based. They serve a valuable customer support function by facilitating 24/7 access to basic information, but there are well-documented limits to their abilities.

Fully interactive Avatars help to bridge the gap in customer service, education, and coaching by offering a truly personal, fully interactive customer experience.

N-Avatars’ solution provides a robust platform for e-commerce retailers and others to bring online service and education fully into the 21st century. It achieves this by putting a true “face” to your customers’ shopping and learning experience.

Better Engagement,
Better Results

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Nfinity Avatars are up to 4X more likely to guide users to the information they’re looking for. In a recent project with a major property and casualty insurance provider, Nfinity Avatars was asked to help its audience navigate a complex benefits document and increase the rate of completed forms.

Our Solution

Nfinity Avatars operate with no backend or third-party real-time integrations but will still access information from your curated content databases.

Our Avatars run from our servers on AWS, eliminating security and load concerns.

Trouble Free


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Enterprise VDA market size 2019 - 2025

The statistic shows the size of the enterprise-based virtual digital assistant (VDA) market worldwide from 2019 to 2025, by segment. In 2020, the software segment of the global enterprise VDA market is projected to be valued at over 2.1 billion U.S. dollars.

Virtual Digital Assistant market estimated to by 2025